MV LINE is a company specialized in the industrial production of insect screens, filtering and darkening systems on a large scale, made-to-measure or in bars. Its target market is the business-to-business division and it addresses to transformation companies, retailers, doors and windows manufacturers and to the housebuilding companies.

Thanks to its more than decennial experience, over the time MV LINE has become a leading company in its field, spreading its brand throughout the national territory but also in Europe and in the South of America.

With a wide range of products, made up of more than 20 types of screens, the company answers to all installation requirements, with vertical and horizontal rolling systems, sliding or shuttering door-screens, paying high attention to built-in assembling and to relevant rolling shutters.

Each product can be bought made-to-measure, with several chances to personalize it according needs and wishes: people can choose among slowing down systems, telescopic rails for irregular walls as well as different opening systems, such as hooks and clicks or mechanized working. Customers also have at their disposal a wide range of ral, raffaello and wood colours.

Its young and qualified Search and Development staff has been working at innovative functions for its screen, that brilliantly meet market's needs, which is now asking for high-quality, comfortable and design products, typical of the Made in Italy.

The MV LINE is situated in the industrial area of Acquaviva delle Fonti, Bari, and is distributed in four industrial warehouses having a total surface of 1000 mq, where the whole production cycle is developed and monitored by a computerized process during preparation, assembling and packaging.

After production, screens, that can reach up to thousands pieces a day, are carefully stored and then shipped over the national territory with the company's own means of transport.

Boasting an international patent, this model is getting high success, thanks to its high quality features but also to the high investments the company in making in communication and medias. All steps of production is made in compliance with the ISO Quality Certification rules, acknowledged to MV LINE in 2008.